Neurythmic is a music sequencer and pattern generator which helps you escape the grid-bound rigidity of standard sequencers. It is the first sequencer to use neural network called Central Pattern Generators to generate rhythm. While perfectly capable of delivering taut, 4-to-the-floor beats, Neurythmic also gives you the ability to create rhythms with a kind of nuance, variation and complexity which is difficult to achieve with most sequencing tools. Using a novel but intuitive GUI, you can create rhythms with expressive swing and asymmetry, bar-to-bar evolution or push it all the way into scattered bursts of patterned abstraction.

I presented a paper on Neurythmic at NIME 2018. The project is still under development, and soon I’ll be releasing a beta version of Neurythmic and a toolkit for creating music and interactive systems using CPGs in MAX/MSP. CPGs display an “entrainment” behaviour which makes them very interesting for musical systems and any interaction situation where synchronisation or adaptation of rhythm might be useful. People have suggested various ideas they’d like to try and I’m keen to see what people do with the kit.

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