I’m a HCI researcher, musician and software developer, in the final year of my PhD in HCI at the University of Bristol, studying with Anne Roudaut and Oussama Metatla. I hold an MSc in Computer Science (Distinction) from University of Bristol, and an MA in Philosophy (Distinction) from University of Southampton. My main interest is in approaches to embodiment in interaction with technology, with a major focus on quantitative methods drawn from recent cognitive science, alongside an interest in theoretical and qualitative approaches.

My background in philosophy has convinced me of the importance of theoretical foundations in guiding research related to human behaviour. I believe in the value of a tight relationship between empirical work and theory (see here). My thesis work is grounded in methods from 4E cognition research, and draws on recent theory and methodology from enactivist and ecological cognitive science. I am also interested in Complexity Science as an source of interaction-focused methodologies for HCI (I am currently developing a workshop on this topic with senior, international HCI researchers), and I am interested in eudaimonic approaches to understanding UX, such as Self Determination Theory.

I have pages on twitter, github, google scholar, and I have a newsletter. You can contact me via my email address, and you can see what I’ve been reading.

Teaching and Work Experience

As well as supervising several MSc thesis projects, I have lectured on Programming in C and Human Computer Interaction units, and I am currently co-developing a unit on HCI-in-Society with my supervisor Prof. Metatla. I have also assisted in teaching on units on Databases, Interactive Devices, Introduction to Computer Science, and Software Engineering.

Previously I worked as Information Systems Manager for a large Uk healthcare trust.

Music and Philosophy

Before computing my academic background was in philosophy, and I still have an interest in this area, particularly ethics and philosophy of cognitive science. I also make music, which you can find here.

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